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African American and Slave Records

African-American Civil War Soldiers.

Between 22-24,000 African-American soldiers served with the Union in the Civil War. This book covers Allen, Barren, Cumberland, Edmonson, Hart, Metcalfe, Monroe and Warren Counties. These are the service records as on file with National Archives. Information shown: name, sometimes rank, company & regiment served with, type of service, age, height, color of complexion, hair & eyes, place of birth, occupation, when enlisted and where, length of service. Additional information on many includes dates died and location, cause of death and desertions. Also included: Black Soldiers in the Civil War history and conditions, types of service; recruiting posters, explanations on cavalry, heavy & light artillery and infantry, Kentucky units and additional names from local sources. 37 pages including full-name index. $15.00 or $10.00 for e-book format.

A Look At Slavery in Kentucky 1830-1852.

Part 1 takes us back to 1830 when a government study was done on slaves and free blacks in Kentucky for the first time. From there we advance to 1852, thirteen years before emancipation. The Kentucky General Assembly's laws passed that year included many pages on the same subject. This is a total transcription and I think most of us will learn much about the life of both the slave and free blacks - and the white owners. What happened to a slave when he was freed? Did the free black live like the white man? Did freed blacks own slaves? What happened when a settler brought in slaves to Kentucky? When could slaves be sold? These and many more questions will be answered. Chart and statistics included. 32 pages, index of free blacks who owned slaves in Kentucky. $5.00 paper or $2.50 for e-book.

Autobiography of a Female Slave.

This is a reprint of a book published in 1857 by a slave who is only known as Ann. She tells the story of her life as a slave before emancipation. Gripping, sad; this book takes one through many masters, whippings, betrayal, love and loss. It takes place in southern Kentucky to Louisville and beyond. But, the reader is surprised to learn that the book is truly not an autobiography by a young lady named Ann, but from the pen of Martha Griffith Browne, a white author who lived in the same era; whose family were slave owners. She became an Abolitionist and Ann's story is from her own history, from stories told her by other slaves and knowledge of the conditions in Kentucky before the Civil War. This is a book that is hard to put down; brilliantly written, poignant yet hopeful. 247 pages. Paper version is $30.00; e-book version is $20.00.

Barren County Kentucky African-American Deaths 1873-1911.

These deaths are taken from many Glasgow newspapers. They include also deaths from Allen, Edmonson, Hart, Metcalfe and Monroe Counties. In the past, deaths were just noted in various reports from correspondents from different communities, there was not an obituary column. Included are 417 deaths and even two marriages. Many of the older citizens were slaves originally and previous owners are shown. Also shown in most is the cause of death, ranging from natural causes to murders, fires, drownings, etc. 34 pages including full-name index. $12.00 or $6.00 as an e-book.

Barren County Slave History 1799-1866.

During the sad history of slavery, Barren County like other counties had slaves that were born, worked for a white master and died. Often their names are never known, lost in history. In this book I have attempted to give them voices. The book is in 3 parts: Part 1 is taken from Will Books 1-3 and Inventories and Estates records from 1799 through emancipation. Shown is the date the will was written, names of the slaves and disposition of them. Part 2 is taken from the Vital Statistics 1851-1866 which shows the name of the slave, owner, date of birth and death age with some mothers named. Part 3 is during the Civil War when slaves could enlist in the Union cause and thus gain their freedom with the slave owner being compensated for the loss of their service. In this listing is the name, unit served in, physical description, occupation, when enlisted and location. Approximately 777 slaves are shown with recommendations of further resource sources. 110 pages including a full-name index. $25.00 for paper version, $17.00 as an e-book.

African American Records
by Michelle Bartley Gorin

Freedman's Bank Records 1865-1874 for Allen, Barren, Cumberland, Edmonson, Hart, Metcalfe, Monroe and Warren Counties.

Established at the close of the Civil War by Abraham Lincoln, this was a savings bank for the recently freed slaves who had little experience in financial matters; African-American soldiers who had served in the Civil War and later churches and societies. There was a branch bank in Louisville from where these records are taken. They are copies of the original accounts and have a vast amount of information which can include: name, age, date of birth, place of birth, present address, previous slave owners' names, parents, spouse if applicable, names of sisters and brothers, military service if applicable, occupation, who they worked for. On many the amount of money in the account is shown and who to give the money to if anything happens to them. Tragically, the bank only lasted until 1874 when it was bankrupted due to poor management by one of the board of directors and a monetary panic of 1873. All deposits were lost. Attempts by Congress to pay back the investors at least 62% of the money lost was not a great success. An invaluable source of information. 100 pages including a thorough look at the bank and index. $25.00 or $15.00 as e-book. Note that currently the e-book version is 13mb.

The Freedmen's Bureau of Warren County, KY 1866-1868.

At the end of the Civil War, the Freedmen's Bureau was established to assist the former slaves to adjust to their new lives. Serving many functions until abolished, the Bureau helped with schooling, food, land, jobs, a place to bring in complaints of treatment by both other Blacks and whites. They also established banks so that the freed slaves could establish credit and have their own accounts. The records in this book fall into three categories: (1)Complaints brought in by both races (58); (2) Civil Court Cases (72) and (3) Bank account holders at the bank of Louisville, KY (30). The first two sections include non-payments for labor performed, being kicked out of rented rooms, death threats, a poisoned hog, fights, attempting to regain custody of children when the former master had bound them to himself, marriages under slavery when one or both of the parties had been abandoned and remarried, and much more - by both races. The last section gives a lot of genealogical information - name, address, where born, actual residence, sometimes parents' names and employer's name, physical description and age. 55 pages including full-name index plus explanations on the Freedmen's Bureau from National Archives. $15.00 or $12.00 as e-book.

Statenfield Sabbath School 1892-1898 Barren Co.

This little book, courtesy of the Dept. of Special Collections, WKU, is likely one of a kind. It is the transcription of a small African-American "Sabbath School" or Sunday School from 1892-1898. Statenfield Church housed a regular school also but these are the rare records of their Sabbath School. The dates are sometimes not shown, some are out of order and the writing is sometimes hard to decipher. Spelling is shown as interpreted. Each meeting shown gives the songs sung, Scripture readings, lessons and attendance. Added to this I have included the 1896 public school record of students with ages, parents/guardians and also the names of burials at the cemetery close to the church. Only 22 pages including a full-name index. $10.00 printed or $5.00 as an e-book (PDF file).

African-American Marriage Index of Barren Co KY. 1799 thru 1932.

Shows bride & groom, year married. 1455 marriages 58 pages, $9.00, E-book price: $5.00

Barren's Black Roots Vol 1.

History of Afro-Americans of Barren & surrounding counties. Marriages, census, bios, photos. 132 pages. $19.00; E-book price: $12.00

Barren's Black Roots Vol 2.

Wills, deeds, marriages, bios, Barren & surrounding counties.

167 pages, $19.00; E-book price: $12.00

Barren's Black Roots Vol 3.

MANY new photos, census records, etc. 217 pages, $29.00; E-book price: $19.00

Barren's Black Roots Vol 4.

Church records Barren, Metcalfe, Monroe & Hart; Barren Co marriage recs, emancipation papers, slave distributions, deeds, vital stats Edmonson & Hart Co 1850's thru 1910 (not complete) 135 pages, $24.00; E-book price: $17.00

Barren Co African-American Marriage Bonds.

Photocopies from Jan 1870 thru Dec 1873, 229 pages, $19.00; E-book price: $10.00

Black & Slave Vital Statistics, Vol 1.

1852-1860, 1861, 1870's, some 1900's for Barren, Allen, Metcalfe & Monroe Co. KY. 3916 births, 109 pages. $19.00; E-book price: $12.00

Black & Slave Vital Statistics Vol 2.

Adair Co births, deaths & marriages 1851- 61, 1877 thru 1910 partial; 1860 deaths Allen, Barren, Cumberland, Edmonson, Hart, Metcalfe and Monroe Co. 50 pages, $9.00; E-book price: $5.00

Black & Vital Statistics Vol 3.

1870 Barren Co census, vitals from Cumberland Co 1852-1862, 1870's & 1890's, 125 pages, $19.00; E-book price: $10.00

Black Funerals Conducted at Hatcher & Saddler Funeral Home 1900-1962 and A. F. Crow Funeral Home 1927-1962

(White funeral homes in Glasgow, KY). 41 pages, full-name index. $9.00; E-book price: $5.00

Barren Co KY African-American Death Certificates for 1912.

Photocopies of the original certificates. Information shown is the same as for the white certificates and very clear and well written by the physicians. Most show the town where the individual lived rather than just a general county reference. 77 certificates. Full-name index of the names of the deceased and their parents. $15.00. E-book: $10.00.

Barren Co 1913 African American Death Certificates.

66 death certificates, including delayed certificates. Copies of the original documents. Shown is: Name, marital status, residence, date of birth, age, occupation, place of birth, parents' names and place of birth, individual reporting death, registrar, date of death, cause of death, physician's name, burial place and date, undertaker. 70 pages including full-name index with physician's names, undertaker's name, burial place and date. $15.00. E-book: $10.00.

1850 Barren County, Kentucky Slave Census.

Transcribed from the microfilm. Shows name of owner and where lived, occupation and birth state, number of slaves broken down by age, sex and color with as many slave names as could be located. Information taken from the census plus will books, deeds, vital statistics and other sources. 127 pages,soft spiral bound, full name index. $28.00; E-book price: $17.00

1860 Barren Co KY Slave Index.

Transcribed from the microfilm with much added information. Shows name of slave owner, occupation, place of birth with slaves owned broken down by age, sex and color. Added to this are the names of many of the slaves taken from the vital statistics, wills, and other sources. 120 pages, full-name index. $24.00; E-book price: $15.00

1880 Barren Co KY Black Census.

127 pages, not indexed. $27.00; E-book price: $17.00

1870 Warren Co Black census.

153 pages with explanation, $29.00; E-book price: $17.00

Kentucky Civil War Slave Compensation Claims.

The Union needed more soldiers during the Civil War. They offered slave owners the opportunity to free their male slaves and let them enlist in the Union cause. If the slave qualified, the former slave owner would be compensated for the slaves he so freed. This book lists the slave owners who filed claims for compensation throughout the state. It shows the name of the former owner, the name of the slave, his age, birth county and the unit in which he served. It is not a list of all the slaves who served but those whose owners were paid. There are approximately 725 slaves listed and often with multiple spellings on their names. I have included all spellings as shown on the official records. This will assist the white researcher as well as the African-American researcher. Also included is a county breakdown of how many claims were filed, explanation of how this program worked, a full-name index of both the slave owners and the slaves. 40 pages. $15.00 printed for $10.00 as an e-book.

When the Cannons Last Roared.

For the African-Americans in Barren County changes would soon be made that would alter their lives forever. In 1866 the slaves were freed and the government was attempting to care for the orphans and paupers as well as the adults. Laws were passed, the Freedmen's Association was founded and counties began the process of "binding out" the orphans. This book is taken from Barren County Order Book 10. From 1865-1870 in Barren County there were 86 children named (most with ages) who were "bound out" or indentured to white families, many who were their former masters. There were 34 paupers named who were either privately cared for by their former masters or housed in the "Negro Poor House." Other citations include black ministers who were licensed and men who worked alongside their white neighbors on the roads and more. There were 156 black soldiers who fought for the Union from Barren County whose names are also included. 32 pages with full-name index, $10.00. E-book version $5.00