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Kentucky and the 1873 Cholera Epidemic.

Many had forgotten the cholera epidemic of 1834 which took so many lives world-wide. Then, in 1873 it struck again with a vengeance. This book is taken from "Kentucky In The 1873 Cholera Epidemic" published by the 43rd Congress of the United States, 1875. Every county in every state was requested to submit records on the epidemic in their area. The Kentucky section shows 18 counties, the only ones who complied, kept records or had cases. Those counties included, in order of when the pandemic began are: McCracken, Warren, Simpson, Jefferson, Henderson, Trigg, Union, Carter, Kenton, Caldwell, Ballard, Mason, Henry, Oldham, Hardin, Bourbon, Taylor, Carroll, Christian, Barren, Daviess, Hopkins, Meade, Webster, Garrard, Marion, Nelson, Lincoln, Adair, Washington, Boyle, Clinton, Russell and Mercer. Many counties gave detailed accounts and named those who contracted cholera. This is an exact transcription (with some original typographical errors) to which I have added county maps, some newspaper articles and photos. It is not for the faint of heart at times when the disease is described and the sanitary conditions detailed! 102 pages with full-name index. Ebook price is $15.00.

Kentucky Prisoners at the Missouri State Penitentiary, 1843-1899.

Known by many as the "bloodiest 47 acres in the United States, this penitentiary operated from 1836-2004. Included in this publication are 1,000 Kentucky men and women who were incarcerated during this time frame. Shown is the prisoner's name, approximate date of birth, crime committed, time to be served, occupation, when discharged/pardoned or died/escaped. There were soldiers held here also, some pardoned by Gov. Johnson and one by President Abraham Lincoln. Some reference the county or town in KY, or family members and their residence. One will find the normal criminal activities with some surprises when it was a "family affair," or when a prisoner didn't learn his lesson on the 1st, 2nd or 3rd time that crime doesn't pay. Surprises will be seen when there are many bigamists by people from whom one wouldn't expect! This book is 68 pages long and includes a description of the penitentiary and an explanation of various details shown. It is non-indexed as the names are in alphabetical order. Available as an e-book only (PDF file), $20.00.

Kentucky Prisoners At the Louisiana State Penitentiary.

Known as the "Alcatraz of the South," this penitentiary was known for its harsh treatment of prisoners. These records cover imprisonments from 1860-1930 and are taken from the actual books. Shown are: name, age/date of birth, crime committed, occupation, sentence and release date. Additional information can also include: physical handicaps, where prisoner lived in KY (not shown in many), escapes, deaths in prison, nearest kin/friend, good behavior time off and, punishments (lashes and extended times). This includes many women prisoners and occupations range from laborer to minister, fireman, railroad employees, mechanics and more. 47 pages including a history of the penitentiary, definitions of crimes and full-name index. Available only as an e-book (PDF file), $12.00.

Kentucky Forts, Stations and Blockhouses, 1770-1790s

A deep look at where our ancestors stayed when venturing into the unknown lands of Kentucky during the time frame when Indians roamed and there was unbroken wilderness. This book contains information on 339 old forts, stations and blockhouses that have been identified. Information varies on each one but the county is shown (where they were after KY became a state), who built them, where they were located. In many the reader will find a list of settlers who stayed there, citations of Indian raids or other pertinent information. Some are just a name with no records found except where it was generally located. Also included are 80 illustrations: photos, sketches, maps and markers. Additional information includes a look at the differences between forts, stations and blockhouses and why there were so many. There are likely more that were never recorded of course. References included Collins, Perrin, Bodley, old depositions and historical sites.154 pages with full name index. Available only as an e-book (PDF file), $20.00

The Forgotten Children.

This is the story and lives of 628 children who found their way into the Louisville House of Refuge/Industrial School of Reform. Their lives will break your heart, anger you and make you cry. These are the forgotten ones - deserted by parents, abused by family, left to turn into street walkers and prostitutes at 13 years of age, stealing coal or a few strawberries, running away. Many of these boys and girls were from Louisville but many were from all over the state and/or committed to the care of citizens throughout the state. Some are from Barren County and south central KY. The records on these children have a vast amount of information: name, birth date or age and location, cause for commitment, education, physical and personal condition, color or hair, eyes, complexion, where they were placed and more. The boys' records also include height, weight, condition of their home and neighborhood (with addresses). Most parents' names are given along often with grandparents and other relatives. 98 pages plus surname index and many pages with photographs of the institutions and a historical background. Available as an e-book only (PDF file), $20.00.

Barren Co KY Deaths Occurring 2019-2020.

The Pandemic Changes the World. 2019 was a normal year in the amount of deaths. Funerals were held as usual, the county lost many good people. Then there was 2020 and by March we heard of the Covin19 pandemic. There were more deaths, more cremations, few public funerals and many whose burial place was not shown. Many of our finest citizens, friends and family died this year, some to the virus. This book lists 863 deaths for the two-year period and shows: Name, birth date, death date, source (funeral home, newspaper or radio station), name of parents and/or spouse (if applicable) and burial location. There is also a separate list of military people who died showing their name, service and burial place.59 pages plus 23 page full-name index. E-book version only, $20.00.

The Archibald Thompson Journal - One Man's Journey From Ireland to Monroe County, KY.

Often referenced, this is a journal kept by Thompson which details his family, his travels, his occupation, with some of his writings thrown in. He was born in 1736 in Ireland and worked his way with his large family through Virginia into what is now Monroe Co (then Cumberland Co). The book contains the names of his parents, all his children and related lines by marriage. The reader will find Skaggs, Woods, Akers and more when he notes the date (and often time) of the children and grandchildren's births. A man of all trades, a Revolutionary soldier, he raises crops, acts as a blacksmith (even making tomahawks), is a hat maker, has stud horses and sells liquor. He tells of an Indian raid at the fort where the family stayed for a time.Archibald Thompson died in 1808 and is buried in the Thompson Cemetery at Meshack, Monroe County, KY. 43 pages including a full-name index. Only available presently as an e-book, $10.00.

The Unofficial Kentucky Dictionary.

Are you new to Kentucky and confused by some things here, or a life-long resident who wants to remember some of the things that make Kentucky so interesting? With my humor getting the best of me, this small book explains Kentucky Speak (what are they saying?), Strange Laws, Folk Medicine, Superstitions and Unusual Town Names. It is illustrated. I hope this will bring a smile to your face! E-book price is $10.00.

Barren County, Beech Grove Baptist Church, 1920-2001.

Minutes from the church record book plus 1920 & 1940 membership lists, Deaths 1948 on, Pastors & Evangelists, Messengers, Biographical on Some of the pastors, Beech Grove Cemetery surname burials, Beech Grove School (includes many student names). Includes photos of some ministers, class photos when available. Over 3,400 names including Atkinson, Bridges, Edmunds, Foster, Furlong, Houchens, Lewis, Lessenberry, Mansfield, Parrish Ritter, Siddens, Steffey, Witt and many more. 118 pages plus added material. E-book price: $20.00, printed copy to be available soon.

Kentucky's Hangings, Lynchings and Executions 1795-1950.

This is an update of my early book entitled Kentucky's Lynchings and Hangings (copyright 2015). In this book are the names of over 600 men and women who walked on the wrong side of the law and paid their dues. Arranged in alphabetical order by county, information normally includes name, race, sometimes age, sometimes occupation, crime committed, punishment and date of same. There is another section that hasnewspaper clippings from all over the U.S. giving the oft-times gory details of many of those listed. Included also is the history of lynching, legal hangings and takes us into the era of executions by "Old Sparky", the electric chair. A few photographs are given including the last legal hanging in the state. 60 pages including a full-name index. Printed copy $15.00; e-book format, $10.00

First Presbyterian Church of Glasgow KY.

An update on a previously published book. This is in 2 sections. The first section contains photocopies of the membership lists, pastors, deacons, elders, removed members, marriages & deaths up to 1970. The 2nd section is photocopies of the original minutes 1935-1940. Contains also scattered death condolences, membership requests/transfers. 180 pages. This is a large file. Paper version is $30. The e-book version is $18.00 but is 13MB. Do not order the e-book version if you cannot receive this large a file!

State of Kentucky Sanitoriums and Lunatic Asylums.

Covers both the State managed and independent sanitoriums and asylums that have existed in the state; some still in operation, many long forgotten. It contains write-ups on when founded, a brief history of each. Of interest is the listing of those buried at the Lakeland (Central State) asylum for the Insane in Lakeland, KY - over 1,000 names; recorded deaths at Eastern Kentucky Lunatic Asylum in Lexington and some of the known patients at Western State Hospital in Hopkinsville. There are tales of haunted institutions, the Sauerkraut Cave and "The Tunnel." Many photos are included. 74 pages including large full-name index. $20.00 printed version (many color photographs); $15.00 for e-book version.

Life and Adventures of Smith Maythe: The Notorious Robber of the West.

A reprint of Maythe's story of crime dictated to his friend Charles W. Dodson in 1841. The story of a good boy gone bad whose criminal escapades ranged from Mason County KY, Louisville and into Ohio. It ends with his hanging in Williamstown, KY by a mob who didn't want to wait for justice to be meted in the court. Known as an excellent escape artist until the end, this time his fate was sealed. To the original book is added newspaper and historical citations that filled in many details. 50 pages. $10 printed or $5.00 as e-book.

Autobiography of a Female Slave.

This is a reprint of a book published in 1857 by a slave who is only known as Ann. She tells the story of her life as a slave before emancipation. Gripping, sad; this book takes one through many masters, whippings, betrayal, love and loss. It takes place in southern Kentucky to Louisville and beyond. But, the reader is surprised to learn that the book is truly not an autobiography by a young lady named Ann, but from the pen of Martha Griffith Browne, a white author who lived in the same era; whose family were slave owners. She became an Abolitionist and Ann's story is from her own history, from stories told her by other slaves and knowledge of the conditions in Kentucky before the Civil War. This is a book that is hard to put down; brilliantly written, poignant yet hopeful. 247 pages. Paper version is $30.00; e-book version is $20.00.

A Look At Slavery in Kentucky 1830-1852.

Part 1 takes us back to 1830 when a government study was done on slaves and free blacks in Kentucky for the first time. From there we advance to 1852, thirteen years before emancipation. The Kentucky General Assembly's laws passed that year included many pages on the same subject. This is a total transcription and I think most of us will learn much about the life of both the slave and free blacks - and the white owners. What happened to a slave when he was freed? Did the free black live like the white man? Did freed blacks own slaves? What happened when a settler brought in slaves to Kentucky? When could slaves be sold? These and many more questions will be answered. Chart and statistics included. 32 pages, index of free blacks who owned slaves in Kentucky. $5.00 paper or $2.50 for e-book.

A Look At Kentucky Schools Established Before 1920.

This includes over 132 academies, colleges and institutions dating back to the earliest days of the Commonwealth up to 1920 and includes abandoned schools. A brief description of each school on which information could be found, dates of operation, location, sources included. There is one "haunted" school. Includes 130 photos. 127 pages including full-name index, school name index plus extra information. $25 for printed copy; $20 as an e-book. E-book preferred as photos will be in color.

Kentucky Acts of a Local, or Private Nature, 1798.

This is a transcription of the acts passed at the 2nd session of the 6th General Assembly, 1798. The Commonwealth is still new, the counties are few. But acts were passed that included changing the boundary between Warren and Logan Counties, opening a road to the Cumberland Gap, opening inspection houses, several divorces, state lotteries, moving the county seat, running the line to establish the military district in Kentucky, financial assistance to citizens and others. 26 pages including full-name index. $7.00 printed or $4.00 as an e-book (PDF file).

The Cry of a Voiceless People.

The plea against the erection of the Barren River Dam in 1946 and construction in 1960. Centering primarily in Barren County with information from Allen County, this book is in two parts. The first part is a total transcription of the U.S. Congress hearings on the establishment of a dam on Barren River at Port Oliver in Allen County. Causing the loss of thousands of acres of rich farm lands, school and church closings and the moving of many cemeteries, the people spoke out against the proposal. Part II is a look at the dam built in 1960 as it pertains primarily to the re-internment of 13 Barren County cemeteries and 189 graves. Included are the many steps that had to be taken; locating graves, finding next-of-kin, removal, tents over graves, armed guards, names of the cemeteries moved. Also the US Army Engineers' list of each cemetery diagrammed as to location of grave, where remains transferred, description of cemetery. Includes charts, maps, newspaper articles and photographs. Two indexes; name and place. 76 pages Printed copy $20.00; e-book format (PDF) $15.00. In PDF format, engineer charts etc. can be enlarged for easier viewing.

Warren County Inventories with Wills 1823-1827.

This large book contains hundreds of records for those who died without wills and some wills. It is filled with many inventories of the estates of the deceased which had to be appraised and then sold. People from not only Warren Co but other nearby counties came to these sales where everything was sold down to rusty cans and false teeth! Family members can often be determined by those who bought at the sales and many times occupations of the deceased determined by the articles sold. Over 5,600 names shown. 328 pages with full-name index. $30.00 printed; also available as a PDF file for $20.00.