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Kentucky's Hangings, Lynchings and Executions 1795-1950.

This is an update of my early book entitled Kentucky's Lynchings and Hangings (copyright 2015). In this book are the names of over 600 men and women who walked on the wrong side of the law and paid their dues. Arranged in alphabetical order by county, information normally includes name, race, sometimes age, sometimes occupation, crime committed, punishment and date of same. There is another section that hasnewspaper clippings from all over the U.S. giving the oft-times gory details of many of those listed. Included also is the history of lynching, legal hangings and takes us into the era of executions by "Old Sparky", the electric chair. A few photographs are given including the last legal hanging in the state. 60 pages including a full-name index. Printed copy $15.00; e-book format, $10.00

First Presbyterian Church of Glasgow KY.

An update on a previously published book. This is in 2 sections. The first section contains photocopies of the membership lists, pastors, deacons, elders, removed members, marriages & deaths up to 1970. The 2nd section is photocopies of the original minutes 1935-1940. Contains also scattered death condolences, membership requests/transfers. 180 pages. This is a large file. Paper version is $30. The e-book version is $18.00 but is 13MB. Do not order the e-book version if you cannot receive this large a file!

State of Kentucky Sanitoriums and Lunatic Asylums.

Covers both the State managed and independent sanitoriums and asylums that have existed in the state; some still in operation, many long forgotten. It contains write-ups on when founded, a brief history of each. Of interest is the listing of those buried at the Lakeland (Central State) asylum for the Insane in Lakeland, KY - over 1,000 names; recorded deaths at Eastern Kentucky Lunatic Asylum in Lexington and some of the known patients at Western State Hospital in Hopkinsville. There are tales of haunted institutions, the Sauerkraut Cave and "The Tunnel." Many photos are included. 74 pages including large full-name index. $20.00 printed version (many color photographs); $15.00 for e-book version.

Life and Adventures of Smith Maythe: The Notorious Robber of the West.

A reprint of Maythe's story of crime dictated to his friend Charles W. Dodson in 1841. The story of a good boy gone bad whose criminal escapades ranged from Mason County KY, Louisville and into Ohio. It ends with his hanging in Williamstown, KY by a mob who didn't want to wait for justice to be meted in the court. Known as an excellent escape artist until the end, this time his fate was sealed. To the original book is added newspaper and historical citations that filled in many details. 50 pages. $10 printed or $5.00 as e-book.

Autobiography of a Female Slave.

This is a reprint of a book published in 1857 by a slave who is only known as Ann. She tells the story of her life as a slave before emancipation. Gripping, sad; this book takes one through many masters, whippings, betrayal, love and loss. It takes place in southern Kentucky to Louisville and beyond. But, the reader is surprised to learn that the book is truly not an autobiography by a young lady named Ann, but from the pen of Martha Griffith Browne, a white author who lived in the same era; whose family were slave owners. She became an Abolitionist and Ann's story is from her own history, from stories told her by other slaves and knowledge of the conditions in Kentucky before the Civil War. This is a book that is hard to put down; brilliantly written, poignant yet hopeful. 247 pages. Paper version is $30.00; e-book version is $20.00.

A Look At Slavery in Kentucky 1830-1852.

Part 1 takes us back to 1830 when a government study was done on slaves and free blacks in Kentucky for the first time. From there we advance to 1852, thirteen years before emancipation. The Kentucky General Assembly's laws passed that year included many pages on the same subject. This is a total transcription and I think most of us will learn much about the life of both the slave and free blacks - and the white owners. What happened to a slave when he was freed? Did the free black live like the white man? Did freed blacks own slaves? What happened when a settler brought in slaves to Kentucky? When could slaves be sold? These and many more questions will be answered. Chart and statistics included. 32 pages, index of free blacks who owned slaves in Kentucky. $5.00 paper or $2.50 for e-book.

A Look At Kentucky Schools Established Before 1920.

This includes over 132 academies, colleges and institutions dating back to the earliest days of the Commonwealth up to 1920 and includes abandoned schools. A brief description of each school on which information could be found, dates of operation, location, sources included. There is one "haunted" school. Includes 130 photos. 127 pages including full-name index, school name index plus extra information. $25 for printed copy; $20 as an e-book. E-book preferred as photos will be in color.

Kentucky Acts of a Local, or Private Nature, 1798.

This is a transcription of the acts passed at the 2nd session of the 6th General Assembly, 1798. The Commonwealth is still new, the counties are few. But acts were passed that included changing the boundary between Warren and Logan Counties, opening a road to the Cumberland Gap, opening inspection houses, several divorces, state lotteries, moving the county seat, running the line to establish the military district in Kentucky, financial assistance to citizens and others. 26 pages including full-name index. $7.00 printed or $4.00 as an e-book (PDF file).

The Cry of a Voiceless People.

The plea against the erection of the Barren River Dam in 1946 and construction in 1960. Centering primarily in Barren County with information from Allen County, this book is in two parts. The first part is a total transcription of the U.S. Congress hearings on the establishment of a dam on Barren River at Port Oliver in Allen County. Causing the loss of thousands of acres of rich farm lands, school and church closings and the moving of many cemeteries, the people spoke out against the proposal. Part II is a look at the dam built in 1960 as it pertains primarily to the re-internment of 13 Barren County cemeteries and 189 graves. Included are the many steps that had to be taken; locating graves, finding next-of-kin, removal, tents over graves, armed guards, names of the cemeteries moved. Also the US Army Engineers' list of each cemetery diagrammed as to location of grave, where remains transferred, description of cemetery. Includes charts, maps, newspaper articles and photographs. Two indexes; name and place. 76 pages Printed copy $20.00; e-book format (PDF) $15.00. In PDF format, engineer charts etc. can be enlarged for easier viewing.

Warren County Inventories with Wills 1823-1827.

This large book contains hundreds of records for those who died without wills and some wills. It is filled with many inventories of the estates of the deceased which had to be appraised and then sold. People from not only Warren Co but other nearby counties came to these sales where everything was sold down to rusty cans and false teeth! Family members can often be determined by those who bought at the sales and many times occupations of the deceased determined by the articles sold. Over 5,600 names shown. 328 pages with full-name index. $30.00 printed; also available as a PDF file for $20.00.

Warren County KY Will Book E.

A word for word transcription (not an abstract) of the wills probated 1862 through 1889. Included are 392 wills and 11 renunciations. From the very poor to the very rich, these testators give us a look at the times from before the Civil War to the doorsteps of 1890. Many are extremely detailed, some humorous, some very sad. Former slaves are cared for, women are now writing their wills in greater numbers. 245 pages including an alphabetical list of all wills shown and a full-name index. $30.00 for printed version, $20 as an e-book.

Transylvania University, Its Origin, Rise, Decline, and Fall.

Reprint of an 1896 book on the history of the school by Professor Robert Peter. A fascinating look at the first university west of the Alleghenies, founded in 1780 before Kentucky became a state.It traces the ups and downs of the university up until 1896. Not just a book about a university, but of the political and religious scene of the times, the Indian difficulties then the Civil War. I have added a very large listing of the graduates of the Medical Department from 1820-1838, some photographs of teachers and professors. Typed verbatim from the original 200+ pages. 94 pages including full name index. $25.00 printed copy; $15.00 as e-book.

Barren County 1820 Tax Records.

For the first time transcribed, this year showed changes. Monroe County had become a new county so is not shown, but Barren County is growing. Shown in the order the names appeared on the original records, information included is: Name of the tax collector in his military district, name of tax payer, number of acres owned (if any), rate of land, nearest waterway, number of white males 21 and older, number of black slaves 16 and older, total number of slaves and total number of horses. Researchers can more easily identify family members who paid their taxes at the same location. Over 1600 tax payers are shown. 60 pages with full-name index. $18.00 for paper version or $10 as an e-book (PDF file).

Barren County 1817 Tax List.

Most transcribed lists give the names in alphabetical order. This book shows them as they appeared on the original records. Taken from digitized copies of the tax list provided by the KY Department of Library and Archives. Shows names, acreage, nearest waterway and counts of white males over 21, slaves over 16, total slaves and horses. 74 pages including full-name index. Printed copy $18.00. E-book format (PDF file) is $10.00.

Liberty College.

This book deals with the former well-known college in Glasgow, KY. Operating from 1874-1912, many local students attended and graduated here as well as students from many other states. It was known over the years as Liberty College and Liberty Women's College. Only a few records exist from the earliest year but this book contains the catalog from 1894 and 1911-1912 with many students named. It opened to male students in 1891. Included also are newspaper clippings and a large photo album with pictures from 1905-1910, some staff photos and of the old school. 116 pages including a full-name index. $20 for printed version, $15 as an e-book.

Warren County KY Equity Case Index 1802-1856.

These records are no longer in the Circuit Court but are housed at the WKU Folklife Archives, Manuscripts. With permission, this book lists the index of the records during this time frame Transcribed by the staff. Shown is the Box, File & Case Number of every record during this time frame Cases include many divorces, settlements of estates, land disputes, debts, slaves etc. Files most times show heirs of the parties involved, sometimes copies of wills and deeds. Barren County people are found there when suit was handled in Warren Co. Over 1200 indexes of cases shown, abstracted with a 9,000 full name index. 122 pages. $29.00 for printed version; $20 as an e-book.

Barren County, KY Deaths 2016 through 2018.

Taken from the records of Hatcher and Saddler Funeral Home, A. F. Crow Funeral Home and other area funeral homes, this contains the primary information from their burials. It shows normally names of the deceased, date of death, place of death, parents and/or spouse's names and location of burials. It also includes many cremations and burials out of county/state. This contains a full-name index of over 6,000 names. Printed version is $28.00; e-book version (PDF) is $20.00.

Catholicity in Kentucky.

In the 1780's and 1790's, huge groups of Catholics made the trek from Maryland to Kentucky. This book is taken from one published in 1884 by Hon. Benj. J. Webb who gives the names and biographies on those who settled on Pottinger's Creek, Hardin's Creek, Bardstown area, Rolling Fork, Cox Settlement, Breckinridge County and some on southern Kentucky. This is very detailed with not only the names of the early settlers but their wives and children and stories surrounding their lives. There are Indian raids, hardships, difficulties, churches built, priests who served. One can build a family tree on most of the families shown. 83 pages including a full-name index. $20 printed or $12.00 as an e-book (PDF file.)

Glasgow, KY, A Walk Back in Time, 1849-1880.

There is little more fascinating that looking back at the history of Glasgow through the old ads. Many papers do not exist now but those that do give a glimpse of the occupations of our earlier citizens. This book contains copies of the actual ads.From blacksmiths, hatters, merchants, tailors, physicians, dentists, brick layers, stage coaches and more we can see how Glasgow grew. There were some unusual occupations including bath salons, an early flower shop and goldfish store. Also included is a list of the first businesses in 1799-1800 era and others listed from the 1850 through 1880 census records which covers many of the missing newspapers. 111 pages of ads, information and full-name index. $22.00 printed or $15 as an e-book (PDF file).

Footsteps of Early Barren County KY Settlers.

When Barren County was formed in 1799, settlers from many areas came here. The majority of them stayed and their surnames are still found in the county. However, many took off for new locations based on the lure of inexpensive land, a chance for a new beginning or the recommendation of family, friends or churches who had made the move. This book contains over 50 biographies taken from the biographical histories of Arkansas, California, Colorado, Illinois, Indiana, Iowa, Mississippi, Missouri, Montana, Nebraska, Pennsylvania and Texas of former Barren County citizens. Many are extremely detailed, going back several generations and includes children's information, occupations, careers and a look at the hardships endured. There are 18 photographs of settlers who moved on plus maps of the states where they settled. 86 pages including a full-name index. $20.00 printed or $15.00 as an e-book (maps in color).

Hart, Metcalfe and Monroe County KY Masonic Lodge Memberships 1878-1922 Various Dates.

Over 6,500 names shown. 148 pages including surname index. $25.00 or $15.00 as an e-book (PDF) file.

Kentucky Memories Volume 2 By Sandi.

A continuation at my look on old-time memories of many things. Humor, facts, and sometime opinions of the author. Topics include Life Down on the Farm (Harvest Dinners, Soey Soey, A Short Study of Milch Cows, After the Milking, Real Spam, Scrapple & SOS); How We Amused Ourselves (The Magic Lantern, The Circus Barkers Grow Quiet, Glory Boxes & Milk Filter Dolls, We Read a Lot of Comics, Saturday Was Spent At the Movies, Movies 1930-1940's, Vacationing, Sleeping On the Road, The State Fair, Marbles); A Look At Things That Were (Candy We Loved in the 1950's, Fads of the 1960's & 1970's, Dancing in the 1920-1970's, Miss Jones Take a Letter, The Corner Grocery Store, Making Music, Remembering the March of Dimes, Those Little Bundles of Joy, Oh, Those Cold Winter Nights and the Walks to the Outhouse), A Look At the Major Holidays and How Celebrated), The Seasons, War Time (The Great Snow Ball Fight, Salute to the Branches of the Military, Angels in White, Strange Looking Soldiers and Spies Galore, Remembering the USO, WWII Rationing, Victory Gardens); Kentucky Lives (The Long Ago in Kentucky (Trek to Kentucky, Men, Women & Children, First School, Log Rollers, Packhorse Librarians, The Kentucky Wagon). Many illustrations and photographs. 132 pages. Printed copy is $20., e-book is $15.00

Barren County KY Masonic Lodge Memberships 1878-1922 Various Dates.

Every year county Lodges would submit their membership lists and names of officers to the Grand Lodge in Louisville. These were published yearly by the Grand Lodge. The following Lodges reported during this time period: Allen Lodge, Three Springs, Cave City, Rocky Hill, H. B. Grant, Hiseville, Austin and Glasgow Junction. The years vary as to reports submitted for each Lodge. There are over 4,000 names shown which includes the officers, Master Masons, Deaths and various Masonic categories, some duplications where shown with a full name and then with initials. Transcribed from a typed copy of the originals. 85 pages including full-name index. $20.00 or $12.00 as an e-book (PDF) file.

Barren County Slave History 1799-1866.

During the sad history of slavery, Barren County like other counties had slaves that were born, worked for a white master and died. Often their names are never known, lost in history. In this book I have attempted to give them voices. The book is in 3 parts: Part 1 is taken from Will Books 1-3 and Inventories and Estates records from 1799 through emancipation. Shown is the date the will was written, names of the slaves and disposition of them. Part 2 is taken from the Vital Statistics 1851-1866 which shows the name of the slave, owner, date of birth and death age with some mothers named. Part 3 is during the Civil War when slaves could enlist in the Union cause and thus gain their freedom with the slave owner being compensated for the loss of their service. In this listing is the name, unit served in, physical description, occupation, when enlisted and location. Approximately 777 slaves are shown with recommendations of further resource sources. 110 pages including a full-name index. $25.00 for paper version, $17.00 as an e-book.

Blood Runs in the Barrens Volume II - Murder and Mayhem 1870-1940.

169 articles taken from many newspapers across America. There are murders, arson, robberies, bigamy, jail breaks, husbands poisoning wives, suicides, moonshiners, counterfeiters, hangings, brotherly hate and many more. This primarily covers Barren County but there is a goodly number of articles for Metcalfe and Monroe County also. 61 pages plus full-name index. $20 printed version or $12.00 as an e-book.

Barren County KY Physicians 1799-1930.

A detailed look at the physicians, dentists, medical students, midwives, nurses and other medical personnel who served the county. Taken from over 45,000 death certificates, funeral home records, family trees and medical records, this book contains citations on 199 physicians and over 60 others. Information varies but can include parents' names, spouses' name, children, medical training, biographical information, dates of birth and death, burial locations, census data and includes many photographs. 98 pages with full-name index and additional information. $25.00 paper version; $15.00 as an e-book. The e-book version is 13mb in size; if you cannot accept that large a file so indicate and it will be sent via Drop Box.

Barren County Undertakers 1880-1930.

This is a look at those individuals who served as undertakers over the years. Information is taken from the 1880 census and reading 6,775 death certificates. Information is shown on every undertaker with photos on many, newspaper ads and family information when found. Primary information starts in 1911 when Kentucky authorized the recording of birth and death certificates. Shown is the name of the undertaker, the years they practiced, location in the county where they lived, some obituaries. Another section shows the names of hundreds of neighbors, friends or family who undertook the responsibility of undertaker and years they so did. There is also a look back at undertaking establishments and practices in burials in this time frame. 36 pages with full-name index. $15.00 printed or $10.00 as e-book. (PDF file).

Barren County Will Book Index 1799-1954.

An alphabetical listing of all the wills for this time period. Also includes those dying intestate 1799-1835 when separate books were not kept for all the required forms. Each entry shows the name of the deceased, will book where the will can be found and page number. Taken from the will index book maintained by the Barren County Clerk's office. $20.00 printed version or $15.00 as e-book (PDF file).

The Travelling Church.

Originally published in 1891 by George W. Ranck. 500-600 people begin a 3-month journey from Spotsylvania, VA to the Wilderness of Kentucky. With Rev. Lewis Craig and other ministers leading, they embarked on the mission of starting Baptist Churches in KY. Old, young, children and infants, free and slave, horses, oxen, chickens; all headed to the "Promised Land," leaving family and friends behind. What they endured en-route causes we in the 21st Century to shudder in disbelief. Deaths, Indian attacks, the Cumberland Mountains, winter weather, miles with no civilization in sight. This is the story of their journey in 1781. 28 pages including full-name index, biographies of some of the individuals cited, a large map of their journey and illustrations, many in color. $10.00 for paper version; $7.00 as an e-book.

Daniel Curd Early Barren County Surveys, 1799.

Daniel Curd was our first County Surveyor and his actual surveys have been long missing. This book contains images of the original surveys with the plat maps. In 1799 our county was just formed and there were 240 surveys entered. Each entry contains full information as to property lines, neighboring land, chain carriers and a plat of the survey. This book does not contain an index due to its size. It will be available as an e-file (PDF) only; the size is 51mb. If printed, top and bottom lines of the page will be cut off. It can be downloaded to you. The writing is clear and the pages easy to read. It will be sent via Drop Box where you can download it. $25.00.

Daniel Curd Early Barren County Surveys, 1800-1805.

Continuation of the above. This book covers all the surveys during this time frame and contains the same information. There are 234 surveys shown, not indexed. It will be sent via Drop Box, it is 41mb in size. You may then download to your computer. $25.00

Daniel Curd Early Barren County Surveys, 1805 through 1807.

Continuation of the above. This book covers all the surveys during this time frame and contains the same information. There are 274 surveys shown, not indexed. It will be sent via Drop Box, it is 62mb in size. You may then download to your computer. $25.00

Daniel Curd Early Barren County Surveys, 1808 through 1814.

Continuation of the above. This book covers all the surveys during this time frame and contains the same information. There are 152 surveys shown, not indexed but as all, contains a listing of the surveys done and shows the page # where found. It will be sent via Drop Box, it is 46mb in size. You may then download to your computer. $25.00

Daniel Curd Surveys 1815.

This was a very busy year in Barren County. 154 surveys are shown during this year. Only available as an e-book sent via Drop Box. $25.00

Daniel Curd Surveys 1816, 1821-1823.

There were no entries for 1817-1820 although page numbering was consistent. 192 surveys. Only available as an e-book sent via Drop Box. $25.00

Daniel Curd Surveys 1824-1834 with also 1866-1868, 1870-1871, 1873-1878, 1880-1883, 1887, 1891, 1893, 1900, 1906 and 1908.

The number of surveys done during these dates were 211 and are scattered and some only have 1-2 entries per year after 1883. Other surveyors have replaced Daniel Curd in the newer ones. Only available as an e-book sent via Drop Box. $25.00

Special pricing: When ordering all 7 files of this valuable information, $150.