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Brief Genealogy of the Loughry Family of Pennsylvania.

A reprint of an old family book compiled by Julia A. Jewett which traces the Loughry, Laughry, Laughery, Laughrey, Lochry, Locra and other various spellings family from Ireland to Pennsylvania about 1731. The name signifies "Mountain Lake". The early generations in PA served honorably in the Revolutionary War and spread to Indiana, Illinois, Missouri and other states. Jewett's records are often cited by family historians. 85 pages plus extensive full-name index. $20.00. E-book version $15.00

A Christmas Journey in Kentucky by Sandi.

Illustrated. Fictional tales of the past of Christmas in Kentucky. Stories include My Kentucky, Christmas Memories, Weary Footprints in the Snow, Of Christmases Past, Kentucky Snowstorm, Christmas Memories of the 1940's and 1950's, A Christmas Eve Mystery and Journey to the Unknown. Also contains 29 stories from friends of their favorite Christmas memories, primarily from Kentucky. 65 pages, $12.00. E-book price: $9.00

A Historical and Scriptural Essay by Rev. F. C. Childress Accompanied By A Memoir of the Author's Life

First printed in 1875, this reproduction includes the memoir of Rev. Childress - his birth, move to Barren Co, his conversion. The sermon was presented before an Associational meeting and is considered his best message. Included also are census and marriage records and historical citations. Full-name index, 21 pages. $7.00; E-book price: $5.00

A Study of the Comer Family of Gamaliel, Monroe Co KY.

Based on the works of Moena England Sadler, this is a look at the Samuel Comer family, born 1771 in SC and his wife, Nancy Browning, when they moved in 1798 to Kentucky and settled in the Gamaliel area of Monroe Co. This contains not only a list of their descendants down to the late 1970's but additional information on his son Maston Comer, Silas Pinckley and Rev. J. N. Pendergast. Shown when available are name, birth, death and marriage dates, burial locations and other information. Major surnames include: Apollos, Arterburn, Davis, Emberton, Harlan, Isenberg, Pendergast, Proffitt, Turner, Welch and many more. 43 pages including full-name index. $15.00. E-book price: $8.00.

A Study of the Creek/Kreek and Webb Families with Allied Lines. VA, PA, Barren, Warren & Monroe Co KY, Franklin Co IL and elsewhere.

Taken from 40 years of my research and others as shown, this book contains raw data of the Creek/Kreek and Webb families. These were very large families with which I've worked due to their connection to the Gorin family here and in Franklin Co IL. Included are all known descendants of Killian Kreek, a miller from Barren Co KY, and intermarriage with the Webb family; family sheets, pedigree charts, biographical and church records, etc. There are a few old photographs included with contributions by others over the years. This large book of 236 pages including a full-name index will likely be the first of 2 volumes. $28.00 or e-book price of $17.00.

Alcock, Charles Writes of the Long Ago

Glasgow Times columns from the 1940's & 50's. Stories from 1800 up, on the lighter side. $24.00 E-Book Price $15.00

Allen, N P Biography

Taken from early newspaper articles. Information on family, early Warren and Barren County. $14.00, E-book price $7.00

An Address in Commeration of the First Settlement of Kentucky. Delivered at Boonesborough 25 May 1840 by Governor James T. Morehead.

This is a most intriguing and thorough look at the founding of Kentucky that will take the reader from the struggles of our early heros as they began to explore that part of Virginia that became the Commonwealth of Kentucky. Unlike other historical accounts, Governor Morehead knew many of the people involved and tells of the early forts, the battles with the Native Americans, the women who came here, the skirmishes that resulted in so many deaths. Names familiar to Kentucky history appears - Boone, Clark, Hart, Shelby and hundreds more. The author transports the reader back in time so he can participate in the battles, the arguments with Virginia and then Statehood. Included is a wonderful index in which Morehead added in correspondence from some of the individuals whose names appear in the book or their descendants. These letters tell even more of the dangers, the deaths at the forts and the bravery of those so housed. A portion of George Rogers Clark's diary is included also in which he tells of more deaths and difficulties. Many of those who were killed - hero and settler alike, are named. Morehead was an eye witness to many events as he was seven years old when Kentucky gained Statehood. This is a copy of the original book, not a re-typed version. A wonderful read. 182 pages plus introductory information on Governor Morehead and a full-name index. $30.00 or e-book version $20.00.

An Old Glasgow Mercantile, The James L. Crutcher Store Ledger, October 18 1848 - August 10, 1854

The weekly ledger of an old mercantile in Glasgow which provided the needs of a growing town. Includes all the customers served, what they ordered and how much they paid. Supplements include "Come On In and Sit A Spell" - a poignant look at the old-time mercantile; a Mercantile Mystery, Definitions and Abbreviations used for most of the products carried, a mercantile inventory - what the old general stores normally stocked; a Cow list - a breeding schedule of the owner's son for his bull Henry, An Orchard Report the year they sold apples and peaches; a Description of the Day - a daily weather report for 1874 and part of 1875. Full name index, 113 pages plus supplements. $20.00, E-book price $15.00

Ancestors and Descendants of Berry H. Lawson, Lycia C. Bunch, Abraham Thomas and Martha Cash

Clorine Jones Lawson. Includes photos, biographies, family charts, source information on the following families: Philip S. Cash, George Thomas, Abraham Thomas, Sidwell, Lorenzo Dow Bunch, Sarah Bunch, Berry H Lawson and George Washington Lawson. 51 pages plus photo album, not indexed. $15.00, E-book price: $10.00

Another Look at Jacob's People

by Kenneth H Lee. By permission. Includes bio on Locke, membership & history of Good Spring Church in Edmonson Co, KY; Edmonson marriages, county court records & circuit court records. Full- name index added, maps. 195 pages, $29.00, E-book price: $19.00

Back Roads of Barren County, KY

Penned by William Daniel Tolle 1877-1920's, this book is a house by house look at the citizens in the county during this time frame with a look back at the earlier days also. Tolle goes through every community and records all that he learned about the original settlers, current residents, occupations, war records, where they came from, who the children married, etc. He also ventures into Metcalfe Co people who originally were found in Barren Co. Large section on the Civil War soldiers including the Black Union soldiers; histories of churches, in-depth family trees on the Bransfords, Snoddy and other families; a walk-around Glasgow and much more. Part II covers Tolle's explanations on how various crops were grown, tools used, marriage customs and ends with an extensive family tree on the Tolle family. 268 pages including an extensive full-name index. $30; E-book price: $20.00

Benedict, John Sr and His Descendants 1742-1973

Compiled from the extensive records of the late Gladys Benedict Wilson. Over 363 pages of family sheets, obituaries, photographs, pedigree charts, Civil War records, letters and other information on the Benedict family of Barren, Allen and Monroe Counties. Also included is a book that Gladys had been working on showing all known descendants. Many collateral lines shown that are connected to this line. Full name index, soft spiral bound. $37.00

Bernis D. Harvey's Book

A ledger book kept from 1892 through 1947 by Harvey containing 1,204 deaths, 336 marriages, ministers and messages and Harvey family data. Carefully recorded over the years, a wealth of information on the people of Metcalfe County. Contains information on the 1925 tornado which devastated the area, photos and other information. 95 pages including full-name index. $24.00, E-book price: $18.00

Britt, Obadiah & Ann Thompson

Cheyanne Britt Conner, by permission. Maps, Douglas Register, Albemarle Co VA tax lists, marriages, petitions, wills & marriages. Includes Houchens & Wheelers, 38 pages plus index, $9.00; E-book price: $5.00

Britt, Obadiah & Sarah Wheeler

Cheyanne Britt Conner, published 1981, well documented. By permission, family trees, documents from Albemarle Co A thru Barren Co KY, licenses, wills, tax records, deeds, historical accounts, maps, more. 209 pages, $32.00; E-book price: $25.00

Descendants of James Simmons of Hawkins County, TN to Monroe County, KY.

Six generations of descendants from 1733 to the mid 1900s as compiled from the files of Moena England Sadler. Includes additional information including 22 obituaries of family members. Major surnames include Simmons, England, Gentry, Gillenwaters, Jones, Lee, Loyd, Moore, Ogden, Patterson, Payne, Proffitt, Scott, Thompson, Ward, Yokley and many, many more. 48 pages including full-name index. $15.00. E-book price: $10.00.

Derastus Wilson Mercantile, 1831-1834

Another old-time general store with many customers. While items purchased are not shown, the amount they purchased and the amount they paid is shown with added census information 1810 through 1850. 73 pages included a full-name index. $15.00; E-book price: $8.00

Descendants of Henry Sadler.

From the works of the late Moena Sadler, this book traces the descendants of Henry Sadler, born 1775 in North Carolina, through Jackson Co. TN and into Monroe Co KY and other locations in the late 1990s. The file is in two parts; the first part being a narrative print-out of all descendants from Henry to current times from a genealogy program. This includes spouses, children, dates, biographical and marriage data when known. There is a full-name index to this section. The second section is an ahnentafel chart for easy reference showing the names and dates only of his descendants 76 pages. $15.00. E-book format: $10.00.

Descendants of James E. Evans from Union District South Carolina.

Compiled by Moena England Sadler. This small book is packed with information from Moena's research for much of her life. It traces from Benjamin Evans and his wife Jane Brandon, through John E. Evans (born 1801 SC) and Martha Bush of Barren Co, now Monroe Co KY and all their known descendants through the 1990s. Documentation and additional information added. Computer generated from her Evans GEDCOM, no index; 44 pages; full name index. $15.00. E-book price $8.00.

Descendants of Henry Sadler - North Carolina to Tennessee to Monroe County, KY.

From the files of Moena England Sadler. This book traces from Henry Sadler, born 1775 NC and his wife Nancy Carter through the 8th and 9th generations into Monroe County, KY and beyond. Also included is the will of Joseph Lee and a lengthy land squabble between John Ellis Sadler and W. J. Marcum of Monroe Co. Many surnames, including Apollos, Brandon, Bray, Clark, Cropper, Dalton, Donoho, Draper, Driver, Dunn, Dyer, England, Ford, Jenkins, Jones, Lee, Marcum, McCawley, Quarles, Scantland, Smalling, Smith, Taylor, Thompson, Turner, Woods, Young and many more. 46 pages including full-name index. $15.00. E-book price: $8.00.

Descendants of Thomas Flippin, Monroe Co KY.

Traces his descendants from1740 in Cumberland Co VA through the 1980's into Monroe Co. Up to 8 generations shown. Includes Thomas' will and assorted deeds and additional information. Primary surnames shown include: Agers, Austin, Brandon, Bratton, Bray, Brown, Cook, Creek, Dismon, Dossey, Downing, Duncan, Dunn, England, Faulkner, Gentry, Goad, Goodall, Green, Gum, Howard, Hughes, Jackson, Johnson, Lee, Mays, Neal, Sadler, Smith, Turner, Woods and many more. 48 pages including full-name index. $15.00; e-book price: $8.00.

Descendants of William Turner of Monroe Co KY.

From the records of Moena Sadler, late Monroe Co. researcher, this book contains the descendants of William and Frances Turner of Virginia from 1788 into the 1980's in Monroe Co KY and elsewhere. Prepared from her computer records, she traces descendants many up to the 9th generation giving spouses, marriage dates, parents of spouses, birth and death dates, etc. on the majority of the dependents. Other surnames include Isenberg, Gentry, Ford, Lee, Pare and hundreds of others. 60 pages including full-name index. $20.00. E-book price: $15.00.

Diary of Martha Jane Button

1866 thru 1872. A young lady from Nobob, KY. Jones, Goode, Glazebrook, Grinstead & others cited, a fun read! 80 pages, $17.00; E-book price: $12.00

Edmunds Day Book 1861-1865

Located in the one-time community of Edmundsville KY (Barren Co), this delightful ledger book of the Edmunds mercantile brings to life the lives of many ancestors of that area. It was a prosperous general store located approximately between Beckton and Beech Grove. In addition to the regular supplies carried by a mercantile of the day it sold clothes, fishing gear, hunting supplies and other necessities. At the end of the book is listed the tobacco crops and the names of those who bought and sold (1875-78), those who frequently bought brandy and some handy tips are interspersed on its pages. This book is not a transcription but a photostatic copy of the original ledger, full-name index. 420 pages, $40.00

Edwards Family, The

From the writings of Cader Edwards on his own family history. Traces back to Captain Cader Edwards of Wales into south central Kentucky. Much genealogical information with added census, marriage and biographical information added. $19.00, E-book price 10.00

Ely Drugs, Inc., Glasgow, KY.

The Story of Its Founder, Albert Elisha Ely and A Historical Look At Its Growth and Employees, 1926-2010. Since its founding, Ely Drugs has had a presence in Glasgow, KY and other south central KY locations. Founded by Albert Elisha Ely (1891-1957) this book tells the story of Mr. Ely, his family's presence in Glasgow, the growth from the original store until the present time. Photographs, military records, obituaries, old advertisements and memories of former pharmacists are included. 69 pages including a full-name index. $15.00. E-book price: $10.00.

Eubank Family

Combines the works of Lucy Bender, Mildred O Eubank, Eva Coe Peden, Ruth Eubank & Martha P Reneau. VA, KY & TX lines, collaterals, 212 pages, $30.00, E-book price 18.00

From the Silent Grove

Kenneth H Lee, by permission. Extensive records of Mammoth Cave area, Silent Grove Baptist Church, Edmonson Co families inc Blair, Lee, Rountree & others. Excellent! 90 pages, $14.00, E-book price $10.00

Glimpse From the Past, What Glasgow Used to be Like.

Penned by the late historian Jimmy Simmons, these are more newspaper articles from the Glasgow Republican. Delightful articles on people and events in Glasgow and surrounding areas, tales of humor, holidays in the past, musicians, parades, the old rural mail carriers, more Civil War columns, WW I, murder, heroes and family. Photographs included with many articles. 90 pages with full-name index, $15.00; E-book price $8.00

Hardin Celsor and Elizabeth Berry. Revolutionary soldier; their descendants in Allen and Barren Co KY.

From the research of the late Gladys Benedict Wilson. Born in 1787 in VA, Hardin Celsor came to Barren Co KY and married 1st in 1807 Elizabeth Berry, daughter of Augustine Berry; married 2nd Mary D. Maury Bell, widow of Robert Bell. This books traces his descendants through Barren and Allen Co. KY and beyond. Many photocopies of original estate settlements, Bible records, sales of Mary D. Celsor's estate, deeds. Also includes many family sheets completed by the Celsor family. Additionally, Gladys included much data on Matthias Celcer (of varied spellings) of Frederick Co VA. as she attempted to connect these two lines. 110 pages including a full-name index. $25.00. E-book price: $18.00

Highlights of the Capital Hill Community

Jimmie Harrison Taylor. A wondrous look at the Capital Hill area which lies tucked between Allen, Monroe and Barren Co. Jimmie has filled this book with hundreds of school photos, oral history, family trees, church histories and tales. 257 pages, $32.00.

Hiram Buckner Russell's Journal. Tompkinsville, Monroe Co KY, 1824-1826.

A precious old ledger from the earliest days of Monroe Co that has survived over 180 years. Russell owned a mercantile in Tompkinsville as well as being a school teacher. This book contains photocopies of the actual ledger book and although his client base was small in that early day, it is a look back to a time period when very few records exist for that county. 86 pages including full-name index. $14.00, E-book price: $10.00

Holder Family of Allen & Barren Co KY

Martha Powell Harrison, 24 pages, no index, $9.00; E-book price: $5.00

Life of Elisha David "E. D." Standiford.

One of the most noted business men of Louisville KY, E. D. was known throughout the United States He was involved with politics, the L&N Railroad, medicine, a member of the State Legislature, banking, agriculture, iron works, car wheels and much more. This 61 page books traces his accomplishments as a businessman, father relative and friend. Full-name index. $17.00. E-book price: $10.00.

Maggie's Diary - The Diary of Cassie Maggie Wells of Edmonson Co, KY, January 1, 1890 through September 2, 1897

Transcribed by her great-granddaughter, Velma Bullard. A delightful little diary kept by a young lady in Edmonson Co KY. Many days are not recorded, but those shown reveal a girl whose life revolved around her family, her church and her beloved Mama and Papa. Gifted in poetry, Maggie wrote of events, people and places, and of the pain of the death of her beloved Mama; ending with a list of all the marriages in the family, plus deaths, baptisms and children. 50 pages, soft-spiral bound, full name index plus place index. $15.00; E-book price: $7.00

"My Family History As I See It" by Gerald Moss

His family during his growing up and adult years. It includes some genealogy charts but is not chiefly that kind of book, rather, it is a look at home life, interaction with siblings, learning to work and live together as a family. Not unlike many Kentucky families, this one earned their living by the sweat of their brow, and then progressed to an easier life for the children as they pursued higher educations than was available to their parents. Approximately 80 pages, paperback with black and white pictures; $15. Or purchase Sgt. Beall's Squad and My Family History together for $23.

My Father's Family

Clorine Jones Lawson. Ancestotrs and Descendants of Dr. William Miller, Mary ELizabeth Biggers Miller, Nicholas Wren Jones and Mary Glazebrook Jones. Includes Bible records, source records, family charts, letters, etc. on the following families: Wilborn, John Biggers, Bartholomew DuPuy, Matthew Woodson, Samuel Woodson, Henry Miller, James H. Miller, Dr. William Miller, Henry White, William Glazebrook, Joseph Glazebrook, Elizabeth Glazebrook Wise, Austin Glazebrook, Nicholas Wren, Hezekiah Jones, William Jones, Nicholas Wren Jones, Martha Jane Button, Sallie Jones, William Henry Jones, John J Jones, Lewis Wren Jones, Mary Jones Miller, Henry Dexter Jones, Walter Lewis Jones, James Ira Jones, Sallie O. Jones Pare, Martha Lola Jones Burks, Evelyn B. Jones, Levi Leonard Jones, Gilbert Glazebrook Jones, Henrietta Tacy Jones Hargrove. Not indexed, 383 pages. $32.00, E-book price: $20.00

My Mother's Family

Clorine Jones Lawson. Contains biographical data, family charts, many photographs, source records on the following families: Alexander, Reubin Alexander, Monroe, John Monroe, John Piper Monroe, Gille,-Lewis and Payne, John Parker Payne, William VanBuren Payne, Daniel Payne, George Bushong, Thomas White Sr and Jr, Early Norman family, Caleb Norman, Simeon T. Norman, Lindsey Davis Norman. Not indexed, 126 pages plus photo album. $18.00; E-book price: $12.00

Near Elko

By permission of author, Kenneth H Lee. Last in the trilogy of historical accounts of Edmonson Co KY. Has been out-of-print. Covers history of Joppa Church, family histories on Simmons, Perkins, Denham, Rountree, Blair, Lyons, Lees, Adwells, Pedens and others. Maps & photos, 133 pages, $19.00. E-Book Price $12.00

Our Alleine Roots, Including the descendants of Alan Alliene, Lord of Buckenhall.

15 generations of descendents of Alan Alliene (born 1550 Scotland) to our present family in 2009. Most noted among the ancestor was Joseph Alliene (1663 England); author of many books, Puritan and Vicar. His books are still in print and several of his sermons are included. Other families include: Rutherford, Walker, Patterson, Miller, Pyle, Laughery and Gorin. 40 pages with full-name index. $12.00. E-book price: $7.00

Pages From the Past

34 newspaper columns by the late Official Barren Co Historian, Vivian Rousseau. Written in 1939, an in-depth look at the earliest days and people of Barren Co. Topics include difficulties in entering land, the first chancery case, early nursery and a wandering school teacher, early state land grant, headright land claim difficulties, substitutes in war, early building on the square, tan yards, sugar trees, Bell's Tavern and an in-depth look at the Rogers family, Miller family and much more. 90 pages including full-name index. $17.00, E-book price $12.00

Pinkston Family

Jean Adams Pyle & Gorin. From Carroll Co TN to Frankfort Co IL, 34 pages plus index, $9.00.

Rogers, Edmund – The Soldier, The Surveyor, The Man. 1762-1843

An extensive look at the federal surveyor who came to Kentucky to lay out the lands south of the Green River and for whom Edmonton KY was named. Contains records of his military, political, civic and personal life. Includes information on the Rogers, Shirley, Gorin, Pollard, Lewis, Woodson and Dutois and Beauchamp families. Includes DAR records, old correspondence provided by Manuscript Division of Western Kentucky Library, Filson Club. Many photos, deeds, Bible records. 292 pages including full-name index. $40.00; E-book price: $25.00 [This is a very large file and will be sent in two parts.]

Settles, DeWitt "The Barrens"

Originally published as newspaper columns. A wonderful look at the early days of south central Kentucky, Long Hunters, Blue Springs area included. $14.00; E-book price: $9.00

Sgt. Beall's Squad by Gerald Moss

This work of fiction follows some time lines and battles of the American Civil War. The names of the enlisted personnel are fictional and do not in reality represent any person living or dead. Any similarities in that regard is not intended and is strictly coincidental. The officers named are well known from the Civil War, but even their representations may not always be factual. This story is written for the enjoyment of reading by those interested in American history, particularly as it pertains to areas of Kentucky. during the time of the Civil War. $13.00; E-book price: $8.00.

The Robert Stockton Papers.

An enormous and greatly detailed report on the Rev. Robert Stockton and each of his children. Contains marriages, deeds, family sheets, cemetery records, family letters and much more. Also includes other Stockton data on affiliated lines in VA and Cumberland Co KY. Majority of documents are photocopies of the originals. Includes a large amount of information on the Garnett, Hall and other lines with same documents. Created by the late Gladys B Wilson before her death and given to me to publish this many-year work.322 pages including over 5,000 full-name index. $37.00.

The Wheels of Time of Barren County, KY, Volume 2.

This book coversspecialty mills: Carding, Castor Oil, Corn, Cotton, Flax, Flour, Fulling, Gun Powder, Hammer, Horse, Moonshing, Paper, Planing, Rolling, Quarry, Saw, Sorghum, Tanyards, Windmills and Floating Mills. 96 pages including full-name index, this book includes photos of many of the mills, diagrams, explanations as to how the mills worked, names and information on the mills described. $15.00; E-book price $10.00

Way We Were, The

Originally published as Background of a Bank by the late historian Vivian Rousseau, this gives an enchanting look at early Glasgow in the area around the square. Also included are extensive stories of the Jesse James Gang, schools, old houses, Coles Bend, the Bush family, river freighting, courthouse history, weddings, churches, haunted houses, trains, fires, droughts, and much more. 115 pages, $22.00; E-book price: $12.00

Wheels of Time

An extensive look at the water grist mills in Barren Country from its forming in 1799. The backbone of county development, this book describes in pictures and words the history of the mills and those who owned and operated them. Photographs, diagrams, definitions of milling terms, explanations on how they operated. A poignant look at Barren Co.'s history through the major industry of olden times. 294 pages, $35.00; E-book price: $25.00